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Parker, Colorado
Greg Katz is the founder of Surviving Strong and Surviving Strong TV.  Surviving Strong is... Full Bio
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A Different Kind of Cafe

When someone asks you to meet them at a café you assume you’ll have coffee and delicious pastries. What if the menu at the café is new and there...

Soul to Soul

Yesterday many of us were captured by the news report of the Malaysia Airlines jet that was blown out of the sky by a surface-to-air missile....

Mining for Joy

Joy to the World, a famous Christmas carol that presents with vim and vigor. Joy is one of those things we talk a lot about, but it’s really...

What Buddhist Monks and Children Have in Common!

I think we underestimate the wisdom young children. They are, for the most part, unencumbered with the stress of daily life and they experience...

Time to Crash The Party

Everyone loves a party because they’re fun! Parties give us a chance to spend time with friends, eat good food, and most of all laugh. Parties...

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